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Battle Century G is bigger than just one book.

BATTLE CENTURY Z, the expansion to Battle Century G, is packed with content for your games. In here you will find more toys for characters, tweaks, and hacks for the general game rules, and enough premade content to make running your own games a breeze.

• More abilities for Characters, including Skills, Traits, and over 20 Genre Powers.
• More abilities for Mecha, with new Upgrades that
enable new builds and 30 new Weapons.
• Over 10 abilities for Characters and Mecha designed by Battle Century G fans.
• Fantasy & Magic rules modifications to add the power of Magic to your games and equip Mecha with Elemental Weapons.
• Faction Management rules modifications to run your own Faction, recruiting NPCs to have them do your bidding afterwards.
• Hardcore Difficulty rules modifications to make the PCs go insane and focus on long term resource management plus short term territorial control.
• GM advice to design effective Enemies using all the new content to create truly terrifying foes.
• An extensive list of Enemies of every Power Level
that the GM can easily adapt to their needs.
• Five Operation scenarios with custom unique rules.
• And much more!

This book is meant to be used with the Battle Century Core game rules and requires the System Reference Document or the Core Book.


Buy Now$7.95 USD or more

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